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Human behavior is the single most serious issue facing our oceans. Healthy oceans are essential for economic growth, food security and life on the planet. Yet, we overfish species faster than they can reproduce and dump the ocean full of waste including pesticides, mercury, fossil fuels and plastic. Behavior change is difficult. Awareness is the first step, but to make a timely impact we'll need to ask our governments to regulate better, thereby bringing conservation from the fringe to center stage. We need to make the Ocean Lobby more powerful than big business and partner when appropriate to advance a common conservation goal. Current laws are inadequate. Contacting the government and partnering with organizations that are taking the fight to the government will make a huge difference. -Marc Chafiian

  • May 4, 2011 10:52 pm

    Petition the WTO to Stop Overfishing Before the World’s Oceans Collapse

    Many governments are paying their fishing fleets to fish longer, harder, and farther than would otherwise be possible. If this level of fishing continues, the fish we eat today could be gone within our lifetimes.

    More than a billion people rely on the oceans for their main source of protein. What will happen to these people if the ocean is empty?

    U.S. leadership is needed more now than ever before. Leading scientists project that the world’s commercial fish populations could be beyond recovery within decades if current trends continue. The United States must send a clear signal that a genuine “win” on fisheries subsidies remains a core priority of its international trade agenda.  

    We need stricter limits on the billions of dollars of government subsidies that are driving the world’s oceans to collapse. Take action and urge the World Trade Organization to put a limit on fishery subsidies. Tell WTO Ambassador Ron Kirk we need to save our fish for the future. 

    Petition the WTO to Stop Overfishing

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